WW1 British army Soldiers Uniform 1916 "The Somme" - FOR HIRE

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The £69 hire fee covers 3 days of hire (usually Friday, Sat, Sun), hire cost per week is £120, please contact us to discuss and further details re hire periods and prices. If you place the order online then please contact us separately with the dates you require the uniform for

Although this version contains no large pack, this is the basic uniform worn by Tommy at the Battle of the Somme, up until this point he had no helmet (just the p05 stiff peaked cap), the Brodie saw its first introduction at the battle of the Somme in July 1916

WW1 British Soldiers uniform. this package includes

Trousers (please note, the trousers provided with the package the straight legged version without three ankle buttons)
brodie helmet
p08 webbing kit
boots (modern, not the ones pictured) and puttees


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