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06 Mar Viv Westwood
ADYadm1n 0 435
We recently provided some of our military belts to Vivien Westwood..
06 Mar The Durrells TV show
ADYadm1n 0 363
We recently provided some of our WW2 British KD clothing for the The Durrells tv show..
06 Mar Crich Tramway Village
ADYadm1n 0 355
We recently made some of our tram drivers tunics for the Crich Tramway Village..
06 Mar Roald Dahl Museum
ADYadm1n 0 319
We recently made some childresn RAF an British army uniforms for the Roald Dahl museum..
06 Mar The Tower of London
ADYadm1n 0 338
We recently made some WW1 and WW2 for the Tower of London..
06 Mar Royal Danish Theatre
ADYadm1n 0 231
We recently made 10 WW1 German uniforms for our old friends at the Royal Danish Theatre..
06 Mar Mammoth Screne
ADYadm1n 0 208
We have recently made 7 WW1 British army officers uniforms for major production company, Mammoth Screen..
06 Mar Royal Navy, yes! THE ROYAL NAVY!
ADYadm1n 0 224
We are currently making 70 uniforms for the Royal Navy, these include ratings, Royal Maribe and bandsmens tunic..
06 Mar Bletchley Park UK
ADYadm1n 0 223
We provided some Royal Navy caps for the museum at Bletchley Park..
06 Mar English National Opera
ADYadm1n 0 194
We recently provided some of our WW2 British uniforms to the English Natonal Opera..
06 Mar Universal Studios
ADYadm1n 0 231
We recently provided some of our WW1 German uniforms for the good people at Universal Studios..
06 Mar Strictly Come Dancing - Germany
ADYadm1n 0 154
We recently provided some of our Victorian police uniforms for the TV show Strictly Come Dancing in Germany..
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