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05 Mar Irish Defence Force museum The Curragh
ADYadm1n 0 175
We recently provided 30 Black and Tan, RIC, Auxie and IRA uniforms for Irish Defence Force museum The Curragh..
05 Mar National Memorial Arboretum
ADYadm1n 0 185
We recently provided some of our WW1 British uniforms to the Natonal Memorial Arboretum..
05 Mar National Justice Mueum UK
ADYadm1n 0 193
We recently provided 5 of our Victorian police uniforms to the National Justice Museum in the UK..
05 Mar His Dark Materials
ADYadm1n 0 197
We recently provided a number of leather coats and gloves to be used in the TV series His Dark Materials..
05 Mar Wheeler Dealers TV show
ADYadm1n 0 203
We hired two of our US Airborne uniforms to be used on the TV show Wheeler Dealers..
05 Mar York Army Museum
ADYadm1n 0 242
We recently provided the York Army museum with some of our Victorian kit..
05 Mar Government of Mauritius
ADYadm1n 0 178
We recently provided the Government of Mauritius with some of our ww2 and ww1 uniforms..
05 Mar Fire Brigades Union
ADYadm1n 0 240
We recently provided the FBU wth some of our Victorian Firemans tunics..
05 Mar Malmo Opera
ADYadm1n 0 202
We recently provided Malmo opera with some of our WW1 Geman uniforms..
05 Mar Gotham TV series
ADYadm1n 0 176
We recently provided 20 custom made leather coats for the Gotham TV series..
12 Feb Austin Opera House, Texas, USA
ADYadm1n 0 489
We have provided several tailored WW1 British and German uniforms for Austin Opera House, USA, for their production of Silnet Night..
12 Feb Hawthorne Trench, UK
ADYadm1n 0 504
In the near future we will hopefully be dealing with the owners of Hawthorne Trench on an arrangement to provide them with a number of WW1 British and German uniforms for ongoing film work at their purpose built WW1 trench ..
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