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11 Feb Royal Armouries, Leeds, UK
ADYadm1n 0 727
More museum work, this time for the Royal Armouries in Leeds, UK. We made a WW1 German soliders uniform for them..
11 Feb Beamish Living History Museum, UK
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Yet again we have worked with our friends at Beamish, providing them with more of our tailored tram jackets, this time with leather trimmed pockets..
11 Feb National Tramway Museum, Crich, UK
ADYadm1n 0 440
We recently provided one of out tram drivers tunics to the National Tramway Museum, Crich, United Kingdom..
08 Feb Arizona Opera USA
ADYadm1n 0 415
We tailored several British and German WW1 uniforms for a production of Silent Night at Arizona Opera, USA..
08 Feb Palaye Royale - band
ADYadm1n 0 526
We recently supplied one of our WW1 British Army Frock coats to one of the members of Palaye Royale..
08 Feb York Army Museum - UK
ADYadm1n 0 323
We have just supplied one of out Anglo Zulu war uniforms to the York Army museum..
19 Sep The Durrells tv show, UK
ADYadm1n 0 517
We have just provided 2 ww2 airtex shirts for the ITV series The Durrells..
19 Sep Bovington Tank Museum
ADYadm1n 0 475
We have supplied one of our WW2 British officers cap to Bovington Tank Museum..
18 Sep Rosebud Theatre, Alberta, Canada
ADYadm1n 0 469
We have just provided the Rosebud Theatre in Canada with a selection of WW1 British headwear..
18 Sep Whitehorse Theatre, Germany
ADYadm1n 0 446
We have just provided one of our WW1 French uniforms to the Whitehorse Theatre in Germany..
17 Sep Royal Engineers Museum, Chatham, Kent, UK
ADYadm1n 0 421
We have just provided a tailor made WW1 Royal Flying Corps uniform and gloves to the Royal Engineers Museum in Chatham, Kent..
17 Sep Gotham TV series
ADYadm1n 0 390
We recently provided 28 tailored leather coats (in 3 weeks) for US TV Serier "Gotham"..
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