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23 May Carry on up the Khyber - 50th anniversary - our uniform
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Heres he uniform we made for our customer who is portraying Sgnt Major McNutt..
22 May Carry on Up the Khyber - 50th anniversary
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To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Carry on Up the Khyber, once of our customers requested we recreat the uniform of Sergeant Major McNutt (played by Terry Scott). We provided the Scottish cutaway and foreign service helmet but the customer provided the rest of the kit ..
22 May Bogdan Dziewiatkowski - Polish RAF uniform - see previous post
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Bogdan Dziewiatkowski - Polish RAF uniform - see previous post..
22 May Polish Open Day - In Memory of Polish Pilots who served in The Battle of Britain
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This event is taking place at Blackpool Airport, UK on the 17th June 2018 and is to commemorate the Polish pilots who served in the RAF during the Battle of Britain. Pictured is one of ourcustomers, Bogdan Dziewiatkowski, in the Polish RAF uniform that we made him (though he supplied some of the more specific Polish insignia) ..
09 May Soul Pepper Theatre, Ontario, Canada
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We have just provided 2 of our WW2 RAF caps to the Soul Pepper Theare company, Ontarion, Canada..
09 May Bradford Council, UK
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We have recently provided 5 of our WW1 British uniforms to Bradford Council for them to use in a WW1 themed event at Lister Park, Bradford..
08 May Government of Mauritius
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We are currently working with the government of Mauritius on their plan to open a museum to commemorate their countrymen who fought in WW1 and WW2..
08 May New Theatre Oxford, UK
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We have just provided some of our WW1 items for the New Oxforn Theatre..
08 May Royal Armouries Leeds UK
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We are currently making a WW2 WAAF uniform for the Royal Armouries in Leeds, UK..
08 May Welsh National Opera
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Once again we have been working with the Welsh National Opera, this time providing them with 2 of our Edwardian police tunics..
29 Mar Vivienne Westwood
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We have been approached by representatives of clothing designer and icon, Vivienne Westwood, in order to provide some military style belts..
29 Mar Norwegian National Opera and Ballet
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We first worked with the Norwegian National Opera nearly 12 years ago (2007) and we are once again happy to be working with them, this time we are providiing 20 1970s British Army unforms..
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