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17 Jan Kent and Sharpshooters Yeomanry Museum
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We recently provided some of our WW1 British army hats to the K and S museum..
17 Jan Canadian War Museum
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We have recently made 5 pairs of royal flying gauntlets for our colleagues at the Canadian War Museum..
16 Jan Atlanta Opera, Atlanta, USA
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As well as working with our friends at San Jose Opera we have also been working with Atlanta Opera on a production of Silent Night, we have provided British and German WW1 uniforms..
16 Jan Victoria Cross Trust UK
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We have just provided two of our uniforms for a display at the Victoria Trust Cross museum in Doncaster, UK..
16 Jan Beamish Living History Musem
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We have just completed work on 10 Edwardian Tram Drivers tunics for our friends at Beamish Living History Museum..
08 Dec San Jose Opera House, USA
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We are currently working with San Jose Opera house on their production of Silent Night, we have provided WW1 British (Scottish) and WW1 German unfiorms, some tailored, others standard...
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