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British Napoleonic Hussar Pantaloons - whitehigh grade white woolintricate gold braidingfront fall trousersbutton bracesleather stirrup straps1 front pocketleather tie at back of waistband to tighten waist ..
British Naval Flag 16593 feet by 5 feet with Grommets..
British Navy Red Ensign3 feet by 5 feet with Grommets..
Full pattern 37 webbing set. Includes two ammo pouches, shoulder straps, waist belt with brass buckle and water bottle.These webbing sets are not reproductions they are original issue..
British Para uniform at the start of the Northern Ireland Troubles. 1969 was known as the "Honeymoon" period due to the majority of the locals being initially friendly towards the British ArmyUniform includesPara beretFlak jacketDenison smockLightweight olive green trousersShort putteesSterling and ..
A new addition  to our police product line, the tunic worn by Sir Robert Peels, “Peelers” or “Bobbies”. Formed in 1829 to patrol the streets of London, the coat was chosen so not to alarm the public who were wary of red coated soldiersfeaturesmaterial – melton woolCoat– melton wool, stand ..
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