2nd Boer War Bushveldt Carbineers - Breaker Morant Uniform

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Though not a WW1 uniform, we felt it belonged in the Australian section

The Bushveldt Carbineers were an irregular unit formed during the 2nd Boer War to fight behind Boer lines, live off the land and fight as the Boers fought. They contained a high proportion of Australians (40%) and were led by an Australian , Colonel Lenehan. The Carbineers best known member is perhaps Harry "Breaker" Morant, an Anglo/Australian who was tried along with two others (Peter Handcock and George Witton) for the killing of Boer Prisoners, a charge the 3 men vigorously fought against, citing they had been acting under orders.

The uniform consists of 
Slouch Hat
Khaki Drill 2 Pocket Tunic
GS Buttons
Khaki Drill Breeches
Ammo Bandolier

Sam Brown belt and boots not included


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