Courage Boys, We are Winning, an Illustrated History of the 1916 Rising, by Michael B. Barry

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Published by Andalus Press. 208 pages, full colour. Over 550 images. Hardback: ISBN 978-0-9560383-9-5.

On 24th April 1916, the Irish Volunteers and the Irish Citizen Army seized strategic parts of Dublin and proclaimed an Irish Republic. They held out for around a week under attack by the British military, which swamped the city with troops. The leaders of the Rising were rapidly court martialled, sentenced to death and executed. The Rising was to lay the seeds for eventual Irish Independence, and is commemorated as the essential foundation stone of the Irish State.

Here is the story of the Rising, from its roots, the events of Easter week and the aftermath. It is shown through images of the time: photographs and periodicals, and key documents. This book is richly illustrated with well-chosen images (selected from a wide range of archives) along with informative text.  In addition, Barry has included striking photographs of present-day Dublin where key actions of the Rising took place.


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