WW1 Imperial German Soldier uniform 1916 with webbing FOR HIRE

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WW1 Imperial German Soldier Uniform - 1916 version with webbing

When ordering add the dates you require the uniform for in the comments box or send them in a separate e-mail

boots (modern, not those pictured)

We currently provide and have provided uniforms and accessories for Paramount Pictures,Madame Tussaud's, The BBC, Channel Four, The Imperial War Museum, The Royal Armories, The New London Theater, The National Theater of Norway, The Southland Museum in New Zealand as well various feature films including Shutter Island , Valkyrie and Inglorious Bastards

Our uniforms are an extremely high standard as is proven by our long list of prestigious clients

Conditions of hire

1. All costumes and uniforms remain the property of The History Bunker Ltd.

2. Uniform and costume hire is for one weekend (Friday to Sunday). Late returns will be charged at £10.00 per day. Uniform and costume hire for a length of time beyond this can be arranged by contacting the office on ++ 44 (0) 113 2205881

3. Uniforms must be returned by Royal Mail next day delivery service or courier on the first available business day. Failure to do so will result in a £10.00 per uniform per day surcharge. (There is no charge for Sunday if a costume is rented for Saturday.) 

4. Uniforms, costumes and accessories are to be returned via Royal Mail next day delivery service or courier. A tracking number will be issued with the receipt at the Post Office. This must be kept by the sender as proof of postage. Uniforms and costumes should be (if possible) returned in the packaging in which they arrived.

5. No costume will be held or "put to one side" without a booking fee/deposit (minimum £10.00 per costume) 

6. Customers must wear underwear whilst wearing our costumes. 

7. Customers must not wash, pin, sew, iron or affix badges or sticky labels to the uniforms. 

9.The full cost of a replacement will be charged: 

a) If a costume is not returned to The History Bunker Ltd for any reason or if an item is returned with permanent damage. (E.g. cigarette burns)

b) If an item is returned in need of professional cleaning. 

c) If an item is returned with one or more items or accessories missing or damaged beyond repair.

d) If an item is returned and is beyond reasonable repair. 

11. It is accepted that these listed conditions have been read, understood and agreed to, once a costume is hired from The History Bunker Ltd.


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